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Mitigation Conference Offers Information and Networking Opportunities

Mitigation Conference Offers Information and Networking Opportunities

Across the United States, mitigation banking and ecosystem restoration are steadily growing and maturing as an industry. JMB Companies has established itself in the southeastern region as a key part of this growth.

With regulations and best practices developing and adapting to this industry progress, mitigation experts like those at JMB work diligently to stay abreast of changes and contribute to progress. 

May 6-10, 2019, four key JMB mitigation specialists spent time at the National Mitigation and Ecosystem Banking Conference (NMEBC) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. JMB attendees were Damian Hubbard, JMB Environmental Project Manager-Compliance; Aaron Landry, JMB Regulatory Manager; Russell Walters, VP and Director of Environmental Services; and David John, Director of Special Projects.

The growth in the industry was evident by the large attendance at NMEBC, one of the largest attendances ever. And JMB’s position in the industry was also evident in that many industry leaders, consultants, and regulators were interested in meeting with us to discuss current projects and future opportunities.  

Conferences such as the NMEBC provide JMB with a broad range of industry knowledge and regulatory updates that help us maintain a high standard of project development and compliance. Networking with other industry professionals further expands our knowledge and increases our brand recognition. Our JMB specialists are looking forward to next year’s conference in Boise, Idaho.