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A Bit of Amateur Archaeology, South Louisiana Style

A Bit of Amateur Archaeology, South Louisiana Style

JMB stockholder O.J. Reiss brought three of his friends to South Louisiana recently to enjoy some time searching for historical artifacts on JMB properties. O.J., who is from Georgia, is one of 146 Burguières family members who own JMB, which began over 140 years ago right here on Louisiana land.  

During the last week of April 2019, O.J. and his guests stayed at the JMB property near Cypremort Point called Cypremort House. The home has been in the Burguières family since the very early 1900s. 

Using metal detectors, these amateur archaeology enthusiasts looked to discover lost articles on properties owned by JMB or friends of JMB in south central Louisiana. JMB’s own archaeologist Rob Westrick accompanied the group to record and document any finds, and Glenn Todd, husband of JMB employee Margaret Todd, joined the group as they explored the Palfrey House in Franklin, Louisiana. The grounds of this home were once used as a Confederate hospital. The group located and recorded some small items beneath the trees in the front yard. 

During their stay, JMB’s corporate attorney, Margaret Judice, escorted the group to her parents’ home in Centerville, Louisiana, to have a look at her father’s (Bobby Judice) collection of Civil War relics.  

During their time in South Louisiana, the group also did some sightseeing at places where Civil War battles had been fought. A good time was had by all.

The photo was taken in front of the Palfrey House.