The J.M. Burguières Co., LTD (JMB) is a diverse company providing a multitude of services to help our customers build value in land. To provide the best possible service and to insure structural integrity of our multitude of operations JMB is broken in to three strategic business units.

Agricultural and Surface Leasing

JMB’s has 66,657 acres of land available in Louisiana and West Texas that the company actively markets and maintains leases on. This land has the potential of being developed for all types of industry with highlights such as Rail access, Highway access, and Gulf Intracoastal Waterway direct access. 
  • Surface Leases
  • Hunting Leases
  • Ranch Operations
  • Agricultural Production

Mitigation Banking and Environmental Services

JMB currently has a fully staffed mitigation banking business that not only services our own landholdings but also does joint ventures with other qualified landowners. JMB’s Mitigation Banking and Environmental unit is a do all operation specializing in all facets of Mitigation Banking from mitigation design and permitting to selling credits. JMB’s environmental staff has the dedication, passion, and experiences to provide the highest quality service to all of our clients Wetland Mitigation Banking solutions.
  • Wetland Mitigation Banking
  • Custom Mitigation (PRM’s)
  • Wetland Mitigation Credit Sales
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Permitting and Regulatory Consulting

Mineral Rights & Leasing

JMB’s holdings in Louisiana and Texas contain significant oil & gas reserves that the company actively markets and maintains leases on. JMB also leases its interest in the Cote Blanche Island salt dome to North American Salt Co., a division of Compass Minerals. Southern States Land and Timber is responsible for the sale and lease of minerals and surface access rights interests in south Florida. JMB’s interest in west Texas contains an extensive fresh water aquifer which is being developed for an Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) project.
  • Oil & Gas Leasing
  • Salt Mine Leasing
  • Mineral and Surface Access Rights (Southern States Land and Timber)
  • Water

Building Value In Land

The J.M. Burguières Co., Limited was founded in 1877 from three plantations and has prospered through the years as a land acquisition and holding company with property interests in south Louisiana, south Florida and west Texas. The company is the largest single family-owned land holding company currently in operation in Louisiana.

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  • 140 Years of Family Business
    140 Years of Family Business
  • 125+ Family Shareholders
    125+ Family Shareholders
  • Operations in 3 States
    Operations in 3 States
  • 333,000 + Acres
    333,000 + Acres
  • Sugar, Salt, Oil, Gas, Cattle, Water, Conservation
    Sugar, Salt, Oil, Gas, Cattle, Water, Conservation
  • Offices in Franklin and Lafayette, Louisiana
    Offices in Franklin and Lafayette, Louisiana