Coastal Forest Initiative 

As good stewards of our land, we are constantly looking for ways to preserve our resources. Our flooded timberlands are one such example. This valuable resource serves several purposes like providing habitats for birds, reptiles and fish. By conserving these timberlands, we can better protect the coast of Louisiana and provide a natural environment in perpetuity. 
The Coastal Forest Conservation Fund will ensure that the acreage remains undeveloped and continue to provide inland coastal protection to adjacent communities. Through the Coastal Forest Initiative, JMB has successfully protected 4,727 acres of coastal forest land. This was made possible through federal money granted through the CIAP program and administered by Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority.

The goal of CPRA’s Coastal Forest Conservation Initiative “CFIC” is to conserve and protect coastal forest resources in Louisiana which provide a significant benefit to the citizens of Louisiana from multiple perspectives. The primary objective of the CFCI is to acquire land rights (fee title or conservation servitude/easement) from willing landowners to address demonstrated threats of conversion and/or opportunities for restoration, conservation, or enhanced sustainability of coastal forest tracts that provide significant ecological value and/or provide storm damage reduction functions (CPRA).

Building Value In Land

The J.M. Burguières Co., Limited was founded in 1877 from three plantations and has prospered through the years as a land acquisition and holding company with property interests in south Louisiana, south Florida and west Texas. The company is the largest single family-owned land holding company currently in operation in Louisiana.

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  • 140 Years of Family Business
    140 Years of Family Business
  • 125+ Family Shareholders
    125+ Family Shareholders
  • Operations in 3 States
    Operations in 3 States
  • 333,000 + Acres
    333,000 + Acres
  • Sugar, Salt, Oil, Gas, Cattle, Water, Conservation
    Sugar, Salt, Oil, Gas, Cattle, Water, Conservation
  • Offices in Franklin and Lafayette, Louisiana
    Offices in Franklin and Lafayette, Louisiana